Learn from professional coaches and experience professional style play with maximum exposure to national and international bodies.


The All Australian Basketball League is designed to prepare and showcase Australian athletes, specifically to the US who have great interest in Australia’s up and coming basketball talent. The All Australian Basketball League simulates a professional league environment to train and prepare our top level Australian athletes for the road ahead, and we plan to have a lot of fun doing it!!

STEP 1 : Register / Combine / Draft

All players looking to play in the AABL must register and participate in the Combine. Players will be assessed by AABL Coaches and then selected into teams via the AABL Draft. The Combine and Draft are both held in the school holidays prior to the start of the League. 

Things you need to know:

  • Players will attend a combine to showcase their skills and athleticism for selection into a AABL team.
  • The team coaches will select their team via a draft process


Once selected into a team players will be asked to register, pay fees and purchase a uniform. Player will also be required to complete a AAB Recruitment profile.

What you need to know:

  • Fees will include a 12 week season
  •  The season is set to start on 7th of October
  • Players must commit to playing all games with in the exception of injury
  • All players must consent to a AAB Recruitment profile and scouting report
  • All registration fees and uniform must be paid prior to the 7th of October

STEP 3 : Recruitment Profile, Scouting Reports and Rankings

Each player will be given a free recruitment profile to be viewed on the AAB Recruitment Site. AAB scouts will provide comprehensive scouting reports on each AABL athlete. The scouting report will also provide a personal player score that will allow AAB to rank each athlete in relation to all other athletes. This data will be shared with basketballs regulatory bodies here in Australia, college coaches / scouts and professional coaches/ scouts throughout the world. 

Player Profiles Include

  • Player attributes – Name, age, height etc.
  • Player experience – Achievements
  • Game video footage section
  • Scouting report(s) 
  • Player ranking


Athletes are selected to participate by the All Australian Basketball League by the coaches based on assessment of a combination of criteria, including; physical attributes, skill level, playing level and experience, and team requirements.
Nigel Purchase - Director
All Australian Basketball


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