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The club based basketball infrastructure in Australia varies significantly from the school based basketball system in the United States of America (USA).  In the past it has been difficult for American coaches to navigate Australia’s basketball landscape to effectively recruit talented Australians.  Similarly, junior Australian Athletes have exhausted much time and money to navigate the American collegiate system.  Basketball Victoria International is the safe and secure path between our countries.

American Collegiate System

Basic Overview of the American basketball hierarchy 

1 NCAA Div. 1
2 NCAA Div. 2
3 NCAA Div. 3
NCAA Div. 1

NCAA Division 1

There is a very high bar set for student-athletes who land roster spots on D1 basketball teams. Getting to the D1 level—and staying there—requires an extremely high level of dedication, passion for the sport and hard work. However, the rewards of competing at Division 1 basketball colleges is well worth the effort. Athletes who have the talent, physical attributes, drive, and academics will be rewarded with well-funded athletic facilities, experienced coaches to take their game to the next level, and even a chance at a partial or fully funded athletic scholarship offer. 

NCAA Division 1
NCAA Div. 2

NCAA Division 2

Student-athletes often consider D2 basketball programs to be “second best” to those at the Division 1 level. However, many of the top Division 2 basketball schools recruit based on similar recruiting guidelines, eligibility standards and recruiting rules as the Division 1 level. Competing at top Division 2 basketball schools is often just as intense and competitive as playing basketball at a D1 college.

NCAA Division 2
NCAA Div. 3

NCAA Division 3

Competing at the D3 level still requires a high level of athletic rigor, as well as excellent academic standing, as many of these schools operate at peak academic calibre. In addition to being competitive athletically and academically, D3 basketball colleges provide a more balanced approach to athletics and offer student-athletes the chance to have a well-rounded college experience, allowing them to focus on their coursework, join a club, study abroad and more.

NCAA Division 3

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

In recent years, NAIA basketball schools have grown in size, and like the NCAA, NAIA basketball programs are highly competitive. NAIA programs are comparable athletically and academically to those at the NCAA Division 2 and 3 level. NAIA programs however don’t have to follow strict recruiting rules, allowing college coaches to reach out to student-athletes—and vice versa—at any point in their high-school basketball careers.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

Junior College (JUCO)

While junior colleges—often abbreviated as JUCO—are often overlooked in the athletic recruiting process, basketball players interested in competing at the college level are increasingly turning to junior colleges before moving on to four-year colleges. One of the main benefits of playing JUCO basketball is getting a sense of what college athletics are like. Some students may want to develop athletically or academically for a year or two before moving on to an NCAA or NAIA school. Likewise, for students who are undecided about their major or general course of study, it makes more sense from a financial standpoint to knock out some prerequisite courses for a fraction of the cost compared to a four-year private or public college.

Junior College (JUCO)


The AAB site guides Australians through what can be a gruelling and time consuming process, taking away the stress and maximising your opportunities.

Scouting Reports

Formal scouting reports allows both the recruiter and the recruit to make informed choices for their future.


This AAB site is a free service for Australian basketball players. Making the recruitment process affordable and secure.


AAB provides coaches and scouts with direct access to recruits profiles, footage, scouting reports and rankings. Coaches can search and filter all fields including GPA.


AAB provides online resources and information regarding the American collegiate system.


AAB works with the AABL to organise inbound international exposure tournaments and outbound exposure tours.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes. NCAA Division 1 basketball programs are permitted to subscribe to AAB’s’ scouting / recruiting service. Any athlete considering signing up to any scouting / recruiting service should ensure that this service has NCAA certification.  

Whilst AAB and All Australian Basketball League (AABL)  are separate entities AAB is works with the AABL to provide affordable exposure options for Australian athletes.  

AAB has designed a systematic approach to specifically support Australian athletes through the recruiting process. Our online platform includes a comprehensive suite of materials addressing academic eligibility, NCAA rules / compliance, compilation of highlight / game video, athlete evaluations, best fit college search, exposure event attendance advice, college offer management, and much more. 

Scouting reports are only viewable to athletes that signed up to a premium service and / or are part of the AABL. If  you are having problems accessing your report please contact us

AAB has extensive resources to help guide you through the recruitment process. Contact Us

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