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The All Australian Basketball Prep Academy is designed specifically for Australian student-athletes pursuing a college career in the USA or a direct path into a professional league. The All Australian Basketball programming places athletes in a basketball environment comparable to what they will experience at a collegiate or professional level, to ensure they are fully prepared for the journey ahead. Our services include camps, academies and specialised training sessions with professional coaches.


The All Australian Basketball Programming is for female & male athletes that are playing high level basketball with the desire to pursue basketball. Entry into our programs are reserved for athletes that have already committed and willing to put in the work.
Sedale Threatt Jr - Director
All Australian Basketball


The All Australian Basketball Prep Academy caters to 2 kinds of athletes: Signed and Unsigned.

“Signed” athletes have already committee (Signed) with a US college / university and the aim of the program is to provide these athletes with an intensive, structured training environment before they depart for their respective school.

“Unsigned” athletes have completed Year 12 but have not yet signed with a US college / university. The program aims to provide these athletes with the necessary development and exposure to get them signed to a US college / university. 


Scouting and Recruitment of players for US Collegiate opportunities is a twelve months of the year process. Players can sign early or late in the recruitment process and therefore need be fully prepared with their BA Pathways recruitment profile. The All-Australian Prep Academy can and does play a key role in providing personal game footage.

One of the biggest challenges for Australian Basketballers heading over to the US Collegiate system is the physicality and speed of the game. Improving speed, becoming accustom to a physical style of play along with strength and conditioning support is a key part of the Academy.

Australian Basketballers are recruited for being highly skilled. Shooting and passing and defending are essential elements for all forms of basketball and the Academy prepares the player by honing and refining skills relevant to the US market.

Every country has a style of Basketball. Australian Basketball and basketball in the United States has many differences and the All-Australian Basketball Academy prepares college bound Australians for that transition. Our coaches have vast experience in the International game and their advice, mentorship and guidance will give the outgoing recruits their very best chance of success.


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